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A Model for Bundling Mobile Value Added Services using Neural Networks

The Article, Published by Arpan K Kar & Priyal Singh in International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, 5 (1), 2012, 47-63, 2012

Mobile Value Added Services has emerged as one of the significant revenue generators for the telecommunication industry. With the large array of service offerings, telecom providers engage in active advertising of service bundles to attract new as well as retain the existing customers. However focused advertising by personalizing the service bundles based on individual customer preferences is the key in the success of such campaigns. This paper proposes the application of a neural network based model for pattern association using which mixed bundles of such services may be identified, as per customer preferences, so as to induce higher conversion in cross sales and up-sales. Consumer service preferences can be combined with some standard packages of VAS bundles to personalize the service bundles and these service bundles would be generated dynamically. Identifying and promoting such services identified through pattern association rules will have a direct impact on the overall profitability of the service provider.