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Perceived Institutional Research Climate and Motivation to publish in journals: A study of faculty at leading Indian B-schools

The Article, Published by Kumar, P & Israel, D. in The International Journal of Marketing in Education, Inderscience, 7(3), 2013, 213-236, 2013

A survey was conducted amongstthe faculty of the top business schools of India, to compute a model based onfactor loadings, with faculty research publication as the dependent variable.This study shows that faculty in general assign importance to self motivationand to the extrinsic rewards of research grants and job security, while for IIMfaculty peer pressure is the main motivating factor to publish. It was alsofound that years in academics and seniority in rank are favourable tofaculty research publication. This study indicates that the lack of ‘publish orperish’ pressure on faculty in Indiais linked to the dearth of faculty research publications, and it is suggested that the higher education system needs to be reformed so as to incentivise andmotivate faculty to publish more.