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Student Evaluation of Teaching: An Instrument and a Development Process

The Article, Published by Kumar Alok in International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23(2), 2011, 226-235, 2012

This article describes the process of faculty-led development of a student evaluation of teaching instrument at Centurion School of Rural Enterprise Management, a management institute in India. The instrument was to focus on teacher behaviours that students get an opportunity to observe. Teachers and students jointly contributed a number of desirable and undesirable performance examples that went through a process of filtration using mean-difference item response analysis and factor analysis. The final instrument has 18 examples to be rated on a six-point scale. It was used with a formative focus; however, the post-implementation experiences indicated the need for limited summative focus as well. New students need to be educated about student evaluation of teaching and its relevance for a quality academic life. It also emphasizes the need for open communication and a climate of trust for a successful student evaluation of teaching.