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Qualitative Survey-Based Content Analysis and Validation of Measures of Software Development Team Performance

The Article, Published by Amar Nath Chatterjee & D. Israel in Information Intelligence, Technology and Management: Communications in Computer and Information Science, 141(6), 2011, 299-310, 2012

Performance measurement of software development teams is an elusive and complex issue. Many IT organizations have tried evolving their own measures without focus on reliability and validity. There is yet no widely accepted scale for measuring software development team performance (SDTP). An examination of available measurement models of team performance/team effectiveness throws up gaps that call for identification and synchronization of dimensions. Based on expert surveys, this paper attempts to identify and short-list a set of content-validated dimensions of SDTP. First, SPSS Text Analysis package was used to content-analyze 94 industry experts’ textual responses to an open-ended qualitative survey questionnaire, which led to extraction, categorization and short-listing of 34 measures of SDTP. Then followed another round of expert survey (N=30) that led to a distilled set of 20 content-validated measures of SDTP, based on Content Validity Ratios. This list of measures should help future research for SDTP scale development.