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Effects of Distributive and Procedural Justice Perceptions on Managerial Pay and Job Satisfaction

The Article, Published by Shahina Javad & R. K. Premarajan in IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior, 10(3), 7-25, 2012

This study examines the influence of distributive justice and procedural justice on pay satisfaction and job satisfaction. We proposed that distributive justice and procedural justice had differential impact on two important employee attitudes: job satisfaction and four facets of pay satisfaction viz., level, raise, benefit, and structure/administration.  Furthermore, using interaction effect model, we hypothesized that interaction of distributive and procedural justice would be significant for all outcome variables. From the results of a survey carried out among 122 Indian managers, we found that distributive justice as a more important predictor of all four dimensions of pay satisfaction and job satisfaction. Procedural justice was also found to be a statistically significant predictor of pay structure/administration satisfaction and job satisfaction, but accounted for less variance than distributive justice. However, our results supported only one hypothesized interaction.