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Desicrew BPO: Putting Bharat in Global Arena

The Case Studies, Published by Sanjay Patro in Case Registered with XLRI Case Development Centre [XLCDC], Case no.: MK/011/03/12, Date: 18-03-2012, 2012

Inspired by C K Prahlad’s Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Rural India is being targeted  at the rural population as the untapped, potential markets  by several corporates. Desicrew Technologies Private Limited has placed itself as a catalyst for transformation of the rural economy by creating fortune for the bottom of the pyramid in the rural hinterland of India.   Inspired by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, it was incubated by IIT Chennai and is also a Villigro incubate.Desicrew, promoted by young graduates Saloni Malhotra (Engineer, University of Pune) and Ashwanth Gnanavelu (MBA, University of Kent) have taken jobs to where people are – going against the tide of people being drawn towards jobs in cities.   They have set up rural BPOs in the hinterland of Tier II and III cities using a cluster approach, reaching out to young people from about 15 villages through each centre.  Desicrew is demonstrating how technology can bring a more holistic development to the hinterland, increasing productivity, quality and standards of living of the rural people. Overcoming barriers of the stereotypes of  ‘poor infrastructure’, ‘illiterate people’, ‘agrarian economy’ image in urban customers’ minds, Desicrew’s rural BPOs have proudly sustained themselves for five years.   It has been scaled up from an employee base of 10 to 500 (65% women) and work base of 5 centres across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.  They have started partnering with one of the largest IT Firms, Infosys in operating a 120 seat centre. The management is now contemplating alternative courses of growth for expansion and value creation.