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A Study of Human Resource Issues in Dubai

The Article, Published by M. Srimannarayana & Santosh K. Mohanty in International Journal of Economics and Management Science, 1(1), 2011, 55-66, 2012

The study examines the human resource issues of concern for managers in Dubai. The data collected from 146 managers working in Dubai at different levels in different organizations form the basis of the study. The study concludes that motivating employees, cost control, ethics in work place, recruitment, performance management, employee selection, training and development, human resource planning, employee benefits and services, and managing change are the top ten HR issues for managers in Dubai. Though t-test results show some interesting differences among the managers working in different types of organizations at different levels, in HR and non-HR departments, it seems that there are some common issues of concern such as motivating employees, cost control, and ethics in workplace for all managers.