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  • An exploratory investigation into faculty motivation to publish: a study of business school faculty in India 2013 more
  • Perceived Institutional Research Climate and Motivation to publish in journals: A study of faculty at leading Indian B-schools 2013 more
  • The Impact of Recent Global Recession on the Indian Textile Industry 2013 more
  • The nature and antecedents of brand equity and its dimensions 2013 more
  • Trust Discount Pay - Back (Outlook of a Practitioner) 2013 more
  • Non-work Domain Control as an Additional Dimension of Psychological Empowerment of Women Teachers 2012 more
  • Use of Uni-variate Time Series Models for Forecasting Cement Productions in India 2012 more
  • Bernoulli Numbers and Probability Distributions: Some Connections 2012 more
  • Stability of Demand for Money in India: Evidence from Monetary and Liquidity Aggregates 2012 more
  • Forecasting International Tourists Footfalls in India: An Assortment of Competing Models 2012 more
  • My years with B2B Marketing in India: Reflections and Learnings from a journey of 40 years 2012 more
  • A Study of Human Resource Issues in Dubai 2012 more
  • A Model for Pricing Emergent Technology based on Perceived Business Impact Value 2012 more
  • A Model for Bundling Mobile Value Added Services using Neural Networks 2012 more
  • A Soft Classification Model for Vendor Selection 2012 more
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching: An Instrument and a Development Process 2012 more
  • Demand for Money in India: Empirical Evidence during pre and post Liberations Period 2012 more
  • Selection of Product Development Flow under Uncertainty 2012 more
  • Multihoming Behavior of Users in Social Networking Web sites: A Theoretical Model 2012 more
  • Authentic Leadership and Work Engagement 2012 more
  • A Case on Kingfisher- Air Deccan Merger: The Marriage of Convenience 2012 more
  • Unionism as Collective Action: Revisiting Klandermans Theory 2012 more
  • Qualitative Survey-Based Content Analysis and Validation of Measures of Software Development Team Performance 2012 more
  • Power Distance in Organizational Contexts: A Cross- Cultural Review of Collectivist Cultures 2012 more
  • Measuring Training & Development 2012 more
  • Commitment & loyalty to Trade Unions: Revisiting Gordon’s & Hirschman’s Theories 2012 more
  • Mentoring and Coaching 2012 more
  • Labour Cost and Foreign Direct Investment-Evidence from India 2012 more
  • A Contemporary Model for Industrial Relations: Relook from Global Perspective 2012 more
  • Emic & Etic: Different Lenses for Research in Culture 2012 more
  • Towards Realist Constructivism: Implications for Teaching and Training 2012 more
  • Competencies for Emerging HR Roles 2012 more
  • Evaluating Methods to Build & Develop Competency Models 2012 more
  • Effects of Distributive and Procedural Justice Perceptions on Managerial Pay and Job Satisfaction 2012 more