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MDP on Interpersonal Effectiveness

20 Jan 2020 - 24 Jan 2020


Effective interpersonal skills are considered a necessary pre-condition for managerial success. More often than not, interpersonal effectiveness is marred by lack of attention to a few crucial communication areas that are the foundation of harmonious relationships.

Almost all communications and interpersonal interactions are influenced by our assumptions pertaining to the situation. Thus the first step to achieving effective communication and interpersonal relationships is to develop an awareness of our own orientation. With a proper understanding of oneself, a manager can work towards developing and improving the basic tenets of effective communication such as listening and responding, and giving and receiving feedback.

These skills can be applied to manage a variety of specific interpersonal situations. The objective of this Programme is to help participants hone their interpersonal communication skills and to develop insights into managing oneself and one's relationships with others.

This programme aspires to involve the participants in learning more about the fundamentals of communication, the intricacies associated with its conduct and acquiring the necessary skills to deliver one's best in the organization. To that end, the programme shall cover the following areas and topics.

Programme Director: Prof. Manish Singhal

Methodology: The primary focus in this programme will be on development of skills and insights through extensive interactive experiential learning methods. The various tools used to enhance learning shall include role-plays, case studies, individual and group exercises, theme-based discussions and experience sharing.

Expected Participants: Middle-level and Senior Managers from Private and Public sector Organizations.

Venue: XLRI Jamshedpur