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MDP on Marketing Analytics

27 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2020


Quantifying the efficacy of marketing is an age old problem. As John Wanamaker said a century ago, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” However, increasingly Marketing Budgets are being challenged by CEOs and the CFOs as the value of these expenditure to the organization is less than clear. As such, there is an increasing realization that CMOs and senior marketing executives need to adopt a more quantitative methodology to the development and implementation of marketing plans and activities. They not only need to explain their plans but also justify the strategy, tactics, and outcomes with hard numbers. They must also realize that numbers and analytics increasingly represent the language of business that they must get attuned to.

This course provides tools and approaches to measure the effectiveness of marketing expenditures that can help marketing managers make better investments to get more “bang” for the buck. The course provides frameworks to quantify the impact of various marketing efforts, with special attention to accessing both their short term and long-term implications. The course will also explore how traditional measures like awareness, loyalty, satisfaction, distribution levels, market share, are linked to the financial outcomes.

Programme Directors: Prof. N Rajkumar and Prof. Sanjeev Varshney

Methodology: The pedagogy will comprise lectures, case discussions, simulations, exercises and experience sharing by participants. There will be sessions by Industry experts in the field. Concepts will be explained using examples drawn from an industry and the participants would be encouraged to relate them to their respective industries.

Expected Participants: People from Marketing functions and other related functions

Venue: XLRI Jamshedpur