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Dear Recruiters,

It gives me immense pleasure to take this opportunity to invite you to the Placement Program at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur. The time has come again for us to expose the best minds we have, to the outer world that waits to test and absorb the talent radiating from every individual. I assure you that your expectations will not just be met, but will be surpassed substantially.

‘Change’. That word sure has a lot of meaning and purpose for all of us here at XLRI. It is the premise on which the academic programs are designed to be effective. Keeping this belief in mind and considering today’s dynamic business environment which is highly competitive, XLRI together with Weatherhead School and Tongji University, has taken the initiative to launch the Global BM (Global Business Management) program. We believe that taking an overview of the world of business will enable us to create a brand of world managers with a global outlook, cultural empathy, experience in the various economies and a will to adapt to various roles and nations. The program has been designed such as to prepare managers and leaders for the global marketplace with a more significant exposure to a variety of cultural, political and social settings. This fine batch of students has been selected after they have successfully fulfilled the qualifying standards set up by XLRI for admission into the program. The objective of this program was to mould and groom managers who would be equipped to perform significantly in a global environment and thereby contribute to the organization’s growth and productivity. The focused course content, lectures and faculty interactions have greatly enhanced and contributed to the formation of effective global managers who are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

The concept has been desired for some time. As the world has become more conveniently connected, and interdependent, due to technology and development of resources, more businesses have become multinational. As a result, there is a need for innovative business leaders to help generate growth, but there is also a need for leaders who understand other cultures, economies, and policies to sustain the growth that’s been generated. I welcome you to experience this novel initiative. XLRI has maintained an aura of culture and legacy over six decades of innovative growth and excellence. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles, the alumni of XLRI today don the most challenging and demanding roles in the industry - India and abroad. This is testimony to the trust and belief that the industry has bestowed in us for years and more importantly is a commitment from XLRI to deliver the best consistently.

This journey from darkness to light for the students would not be possible but for the strong bond that XLRI shares with the business world. We look forward to forging stronger bonds of co-operation to traverse unchartered territories of excellence.

Welcome home to XLRI!

Prof. Rajiv Mishra
Chairperson, Placements