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How to Create Visibility?

Discover Our Talent: Fine-tune your recruiting strategy to maximize success

At XLRI, we take pride in the resources available to our recruiters and encourage you to take advantage of them.

Ways to engage with our talent pool:

Research Collaborations:

If your organization is interested in partnering in or leading a research project, gathering information on a certain research topic, or getting assistance with research, contact faculty members directly or find more details about  our centres of excellence for research studies in management-centric field, advanced curriculum, and sustainable development.

Classroom Contributions:

We are always seeking corporates to be case subjects and organization representatives who will act as case protagonists, moderators, speakers, or panel participants. Please Explore our faculty profiles to find a faculty member whose research interests align with those of your organization needs.

Leadership Speaker Series:

Ex - PGDM students learn from prominent business leaders through the Leadership Speaker Series. This series, which includes conversations in both large and small groups, offers top business leaders from various sectors the opportunity to share their personal leadership philosophy and experiences with the next generation of business leaders.

Previous speakers include senior executives from Air Asia, Bharti Enterprise, Google, Infosys Limited, Jio, KPMG, Microsoft, PwC and TATA Sons.

Virtual Business Projects:

Could your business benefit from our Ex-PGDM students’ knowledge and new ideas? If so, our virtual business consulting style projects, may be just what you need.

Invest in your virtual internship program:

Virtual Intern opportunities are alternative way to develop a talent pipeline. Not only are they a great way to offer hiring managers intern or seasonal help, but an internship program can help source your next level hire. Think of virtual internships as a test drive -can help you decide if an employee would make a good full-time hire. Please get in touch: gmpcpc@xlri.ac.in

Student Engagement:

Corporates can mentor and support students, as well as benefit from their expertise & domain knowledge, through special projects, specialized virtual internships, and Case study & Business competitions.

Student club events:

Ex-PGM student clubs and organizations are the part of campus activities, and there are various clubs for most every professional and personal interest. Sponsoring a club event, either with time or money, provides visibility for corporates and a chance to interact with Ex-PGDM students interested in areas that align with your recruiting needs. Please find out more information here website.

Schedule a Campus Visit:

The best way to get a feel for our unique culture and commitment to personal scale is to get to know about our EX-PGDM students. Schedule a campus visit and interact with our current students and our various committees. We believe that connecting with us is a great way for you to determine right fitment for you.

Find your Niche - Create a year-round branding strategy:

Hosting on-campus information sessions raises awareness for your company among a targeted group of Ex-PGDM students. An on-campus employer branding strategy has no start or end dates.  Creating a digital / online recruitment strategy makes it possible to stay connected to students and fill talent pipelines with the next generation of talent.

Leverage Student & Alumni Expertise:

There are also opportunities for corporates to associate with, mentor, or otherwise work with Ex - PGDM alumni and students.

Target early talent and Engage Virtually:

Corporates have the option of hosting virtual activity. All corporate presentations, small group engagement activities, and interviews can be done utilizing the employer's virtual platform of choice. Please get in touch: gmpplacement@xlri.ac.in

Stay in touch throughout the year:

Social Media: Follows us on our social media platforms. Tag us in your posts when you hire our students / alumni or have opportunities to fill!