Samarthya is a student-run body at XLRI which aims to help young school students of Jamshedpur to realise their full potential by developing a sustainable support system. There are multiple activities carried out by Samarthya, a team of 32 members, within the campus and in Jamshedpur.

Pragyaan is an initiative where Samarthya conducts regular weekly sessions for children of XLRI staff members, and their relatives, within the campus which addresses the gaps in a student's understanding. Samarthya's focus is on lending a helping hand with their education and developing their overall personality so they become more confident in themselves. There are more than 35 students registered for Pragyaan.

Career decisions are perhaps one of the trickiest decisions in life which long-term impacts. Disha is the initiative where students of XLRI had put up stalls providing consultation on 40 different careers to more than 600 schoolchildren, their parents and teachers. A scientific psychometric test was conducted for the first time which mapped the suitability of the students into different careers.

Back to the Roots is a quiz organised by the team in collaboration with Ensemble-Valhalla for school students from 10 different schools in Jamshedpur. The quiz was designed to test the academic knowledge and general awareness of the participants.

English Fair is held at the Loyola High School (Hindi), Jamshedpur. The event is conducted to make English learning fun through various activities. The kids are encouraged to express their thoughts and creative ideas in English.

Reflections is an event which includes participation from three highly interdependent parties - students, teachers and parents. The purpose of the event is to make each party aware about the different perspective that the other parties hold, with the major focus on the fact that communication is the key to resolving conflict in any situation.